Located in Toronto’s west end, bounded by a curve of the Humber River, Baby Point is a well-to-do neighbourhood that features stately Victorian and Tudor style homes from the 20’s and 30’s. It is reminiscent of Rosedale, but somewhat more modest in both scale and price.

The community was founded by James Baby (generally pronounced “Bobby”), a fur trader who settled in an abandoned Seneca village around 1816, surrounded an apple orchard and a spring whose water was once bottled and exported world-wide. In the early years of the twentieth century, the government purchased the land, intending to build a fort and barracks there, but after changing their minds, sold it to developer Robert Home Smith, who created the Baby Point neighbourhood and later The Kingsway.

Entrance into the enclave is marked by historic stone gates at the corner of Baby Point Road and Jane Street, and there is an air of exclusivity to the tree-lined streets of this neighbourhood. The Baby Point Club is a members’ only club with tennis courts and lawn bowling, and is the social heartbeat of the community. The Old Mill Tennis Club has four public courts.

This is a particularly beautiful area of the city, with many compressed shutterstock_180734861lovely vistas and green spaces for walking, biking, and jogging in summer, as well as cross-country skiing in winter. Etienne Brule Park features a paved path along the Humber River and it is also a popular spot for picnics and even fishing in the river, known as far back as James Baby’s day for salmon.

For those with families, the area has a choice of elementary schools nearby including,Humbercrest Public School and St. Pius X Catholic School. One of the more notable destinations in the area is the Old Mill Inn and Spa. The original lumber mill was built in 1793, and was the first industrial building for the new town of York. It was first opened as a restaurant on the first day of World War I, by Richard Home Smith, who called it the Old Mill Tea Room. Rebuilt and renovated over the years, it is now an esteemed Toronto landmark; in its current format, it features fine dining, banquet rooms and a spa.

Green, leafy, and quiet, Baby Point is a peaceful community within the big city that is wonderful to live in.