The Junction is an exciting and vibrant neighbourhood in the city’s west end. It is home to many fabulous restaurants, pubs, cafe’s and shops. There is a wonderful Farmers market from May- October.

The industrial core that used to be present in the West Toronto Junction has been replaced through major revitalization resulting in residential lofts and townhomes. Developers were attracted to the neighbourhood as it is close to High Park and the revitalized Junction shopping district on Dundas Street West, as well as its easy access to the Bloor subway line.

The early development of the Junction began in the 1880s when the Grand Trunk, Toronto Grey and Bruce and Northern railway lines began service to this area. Industry increased in the area due to the railway development, which in turn attracted the labourers who were the first residents of this neighbourhood.

By the 1960s however, the commercial railway lines had sidestepped the West Toronto Junction neighbourhood, which led to deterioration in the community industry and jobs. The neighbourhood remained in this low state until recent revitalization reformed the abandoned warehouses and factory buildings into urban lofts and new townhomes were constructed. This neighbourhood has now reshaped itself and become an integral part of the west Toronto landscape. As a result, the Junction has become one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

The narrow tree-lined streets along the Junction’s roads are framed by two and three-storey Victorian-style houses mostly built in the 1910s and 1920s.